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The fact of 'ban in Gujarat' on playing PubG game

The fact of 'ban in Gujarat' on playing PubG game

The Gujarat police has issued an official warning that public action will be taken against the person playing the PubG game publicly. Another post claims that the Maharashtra High Court has banned the game across the country.

Fact: Our investigation revealed that this claim is false. Read on to learn more about this.

PubG (Players Unknown Battleground) is a popular mobile game. This game has attracted millions of people around the world. Fans of this game have a large number of young people and children of India.

PubG game was released in March 2017. This game was created by being influenced by the Japanese thriller 'Battle Royale'.

In the PubG game, 100 players take parachutes to the island, search for weapons and finally kill the other person until they survive.

Both Fake Viral post flows on WattsAppeps, Facebook and Twitter.

The fact of 'Ban in India on PubG'


There should be so-called notices of Maharashtra High Court. There is no doubt about the name of the printed court in the notice - there is no organization called Maharashtra High Court. The High Court of Maharashtra State is known as the Bombay High Court.

It has also written in the notice, "PubG game will not work in India anymore and he has also sent a notice to the Tentent Games Corporation."

There are several language errors in this notice, in general, there is no such error in the official notice. As such, "majestratives" have been written instead of "magistrates" in the notice.

This notice has been declared by the name of 'Prijj' - but there is no such post in the Indian law system.

This position has been signed by Mr. Srinivasulu. There is no evidence that a person named this is working in the justice system of Maharashtra.

The fact of 'Gujarat Police Notification'


Now let us talk about the notification circulating in the name of Gujarat Police.

A notice appears paused in the picture being viral on social media.

In this notice, the text has been written in Gujarati language, "Anyone who will be playing PubG in public, legal action will be taken against him and mobile phone will be seized."

There are many questions on the authenticity of this poster of the notice. No notice has been given by the official in this notice nor has it mentioned the date.

There are also some grammatical and commentative errors in the text of the notice, such errors are usually not in notice.

Gujarat Policeની અન્ય ટ્વીટ્સ જુઓ

This post is also being shared on Twitter. Twitter user tweeted this image and tagged the official Twitter Twitter handle of Gujarat Police and asked if this notification is true or not.

Twitter Police of Gujarat Police replied, "This is a fake, no such order has been made by Gujarat Police."

There is no clarification on this by Tance Games yet.

A large number of people are attracted to this game, but in the past the game has created some controversy.

In July this year, a mask containing a sun-rising design inside the game's store was placed.

Korean and Chinese people objected as Japan's imperialist army was targeted.

After that the developers of the game had removed this mask and who had bought the mask, the money was returned to them.

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