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Read Todays LRD Paper & Cutoff News Report

Gujarat Police LRD Paper News Report &  Cutoff Related News Report 2019

1. Geography of India-Physical, Economic, Social, Natural Resources and population related topicswith special reference to Gujarat
2. Cultural heritage of India-Literature, Art, faith and Architecture- with special regard to Gujarat
3. History of India with special relation to Gujarat
4. Indian Economy and Planning
5. Constitution, Polity and Important International Institutions:
(1) Making and salient features of the Constitution
(2) Preamble to the Constitution
(3) Fundamental Rights and Duties
(4) Directive Principles of State Policy

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(5) Union and States Executive: President; Governor; Council of Ministers and Cabinet; Prime Minister and Chief Minister; professional General and Advocate General
(6) Union and State Legislature
(7) Union and State Judiciary
(8) Constitutional and Statutory Bodies: Election Commission; Union and State Public Service Commission; Finance Commission of Union and State; controller and Auditor General; Central Vigilance Commission, Lokpal and Lokayukta, Central Information Commission; Solicitor General
(9) Centre- State Relations
(10) United Nations: Formation, Organs, Functions and Role of international organization in ever-changing world perspective; establishments enclosed in international organization System and their functions
6. General Mental Ability

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7. General Science, atmosphere and knowledge & Communication Technology
8. Urbanization and totally different ideas associated with it, Problems related to Urbanization and their Solutions; Urban Management and its varied dimensions; Structure, Functioning and Problems of Municipalities of Gujarat and other States; 74th Constitutional (Amendment) Act and its provisions associated with Urban native Self Governance; totally different Schemes and Programs of Centre and State associated with Urban Development; temperature change and Urban Development; Disaster Management.
9. Daily events of Regional, National and International Importance as well as Sports

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